Fleets Wraps In Pennsylvania

Got a fleet in Liberty Bell State? Call us – we’ll respond with Brotherly Love (and quality wraps).

Managing a fleet wrap project for your business in Pennsylvania can be incredibly time-consuming.

But at National Car Wraps, we save you time and effort by handling everything—from design and proofing to printing and coordinated installation—to turn your vehicles into rolling billboards across the Keystone State.

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Are Fleet Wraps Worth It?

Fleet wraps are the ultimate marketing tool for showcasing your brand message wherever your vehicles go. 

69% of people surveyed in a study said they remembered the name of the brand they saw on the road on a car wrap.

And when you’re not on the road – a van parked in Philadelphia on a busy street gets seen by thousands of people – without the cost of a billboard.

How Does a Fleet Wrap Project Work?

Fleet wraps require tight coordination. Our turnkey solution keeps you stress-free by streamlining the entire wrap process. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We collect all necessary vehicle specifications and provide a transparent upfront cost to avoid surprises.
  2. Next, we print the graphics. Because we handle printing in house, we ensure uniform colors across your fleet – whether in PA or across the United States.
  3. Installation: we either fly out one of our team installers, or work with our partners – 3M Certified vetted installers across Pennsylvania and the US , ensuring well-coordinated installation in multiple locations for smooth, consistent results.

Our dedicated account executives immediately solve any issues, whether there’s a missing vehicle or incorrect sizing, for a successful wrap project.

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Can You Wrap Vehicles In Pennsylvania’s Cold Winters?

Great question! (Glad we asked it.)

Wrapping vehicles outdoors during Pennsylvania’s cold, snowy months can be tough, as vinyl becomes brittle and tends to crack in freezing temperatures. It also doesn’t adhere well in the cold.

To address this challenge, our highly experienced installers wrap vehicles only in an indoor, climate-controlled environment. We use only 3M materials, the best in the wrap industry.

Elevate Your Brand’s Visibility With Quality Fleet Wraps

At National Car Wraps, we are 100% committed to fast communication, exceptional customer service, and stellar quality control to guarantee outstanding results. We work tirelessly to minimize downtime and get your vehicles back on the road with zero delays.

Amplify your brand’s presence with stunning fleet wraps. Contact us for the best commercial wrap service in Pennsylvania.