Fleets Wraps In Michigan

We’ve got the purest form of fleet wraps for Pure Michigan.

Got a fleet in Michigan? Dont’ sweat the fleet process.

We streamline the entire process to seamlessly convert your vehicles into moving brand ambassadors across the Great Lakes State.

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Are Fleet Wraps A Good Investment?

How does 600 impressions per mile sound to you? Fleet wraps mean nonstop advertising, whether you are parked or on the road.

Stunningly wrapped vehicles convey a tailored message that resonates with your target audience for a lasting impression, from Detroit to the suburbs of Grand Rapids.

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How a Fleet Wrap Project Works in Michigan

Our wrap process starts with obtaining vehicle specifications and helping you create organized spreadsheets, if needed. Then, we provide a clear and comprehensive quote covering every aspect of the project.

We start proofing and printing, all done in-house in one location, to ensure an accurate design with consistent branding colors. We complete installation with our team installers, who fly around teh country, or we’ll sync up with our vetted 3M Certified installers nearest to your location.

We can install at your location, on site, or have the vehicles brought to us.

At National Car Wraps, we aim to reduce downtime by maintaining fast communication and excellent quality control from beginning to end, whether you have 20 or 2,000 vehicles across Michigan or United States. Our friendly and dedicated account executives swiftly address issues, from missing and damaged vehicles to incorrect sizing, so you get your custom-wrapped fleet back in no time.


Can You Quote A Fleet Wrap Deal Per Vehicle?

Yes! To make things simpler for your national wrap projects, we’ll quote all vehicles with one simple price, across the US. For example, we’ll give you one price for all pickup trucks, one price for all sedans, and so on.

How Long Will Vehicle Wraps Last In Michigan?

Car wraps generally last five to seven years. We use 3M vinyl, which is the gold standard in the industry and lasts the longes (Avery-Dennison is also similar in quality). Storing your vehicle indoors will extend the life of the wrap, especially during the hot summer days.