3 Biggest Mistakes In Car Wrap Designs


May 1, 2023

Biggest Mistakes In Car Wrap Designs
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Car wrap designs are one of the most powerful ways to brand your business, especially since it’s a one-time fixed cost, that will then put your brand in front of passerby for the next 5 – 7 years.

But if you make any of these 3 mistakes, you’re throwing away a great investment!

Let’s look at these common pitfalls, and what you should do the right way.

1. Don’t Use Colors That Don’t Contrast With Each Other

Your graphic designer – or you, if you’re doing the design – needs to know that they are not designing for traditional digital marketing, so the colors need to pop much more than you would for an Instagram post.

We see so many pretty designs that contain pretty gradients and strokes, and they simply won’t look good on a car! Without the boost of a backlight of a screen, these gradients will not show up much at all. Instead, we always recommend the following:

  • Use bold colors that contrast well against each other.
  • Look for the opposite ends of the color wheel. For example, if you like blue, google this: “which colors contrast with blue?” and find the opposite side of the color wheel. You only have a few seconds for a driver on the street to see your graphics, so you need to make sure your colors pop sharply against each other so you get maximum POP!
  • Avoid gradients and instead, get a simple color scheme. Less is more when it comes to car wraps.

2. Never Hide Your Website and Phone Number In The Edge Of The Wrap Design

Another common mistake in car wrap designs is making the website, phone number, and call to actions too subtle and hard to read for passerby. Don’t throw your website on the bottom, and please don’t hide your phone number below your huge and colorful design.

You need to make sure your design centers around your phone, website and call to actions. The design should not just incorporate these things; the design should hone in on the phone number and website and draw the eye directly to that spot.

You’re doing this for the leads, so don’t get caught up in the fancy strokes if it ends up hiding the essential calls to action.

3. Don’t Use Screen First Designs In Car Wraps Designs

The third common mistake in car wrap designs is creating a nice design that works great on a screen, but does not translate into a popping design for on the road.

A car wrap design needs to be attention-grabbing, memorable, and effective at promoting your brand, especially since drivers pass you at such fast speeds.

Instead, do this:

  • Trash your screen designs that you used for Facebook ads, and start from scratch using the vehicle template as your guide to the right layouts (we can help with getting you the templates you need).
  • Focus on the most important bits first, like the website, logo, tagline and phone number, and then design for those calls to action.
  • Use outlines and color separations to clearly define what’s for artistic, general branding, and where the onlooker should look to actually call you. Make it super easy for viewers to find the phone number or email so they don’t have to go searching for it (or getting too close on a fast highway!)

If you need help with your wrap design, contact us today! We have the experience needed to guide your vehicle wrap project toward the right design.

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