Tips for Designing Business Wraps That Truly Stand Out


September 21, 2022

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When you’re out and about, have you ever seen a business vehicle with a wrap that really caught your eye? Business wraps are an increasingly popular way to market your company on the move, and when done well, they can be extremely effective in getting your message across. If you’re thinking of designing a wrap for your business or fleet vehicles, here are some tips for designing business wraps that stand out!

This isn’t just another banner!

Your business wrap should be more than just a big advertisement – it should be an extension of your brand identity. When designing your wrap, think about how you can use it to convey what makes your company unique.

Additionally, cars are different than banners – they’re three-dimensional. That means that what might work on a banner or billboard aesthetically won’t necessarily work on a van or truck. 

Consider your budget when planning a design

Business wraps can be quite costly, especially if you have a whole fleet of vehicles. So it’s important to consider your budget when planning your design. Keep in mind that wraps are a long-term investment – they’ll usually last for several years before needing to be replaced.

When considering the budget, you can think about how much of the vehicle you plan to cover. If you’re operating on a more modest budget, consider spot graphics and decals, which are much less expensive than full wraps or even partial wraps. 

Keep brand identity at the forefront

When designing your business wrap, keep your brand identity at the forefront. Your wrap is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your company’s visual identity and make sure that it is consistent with other marketing materials.

What colors and fonts will help viewers identify the wrapped vehicle as part of your company? Make sure your logo and contact information is clear and visible. 

Stick to simple messaging

When it comes to the actual text on your business wrap, less is definitely more. Stick to a few key messages that passersby can easily read and understand.

Unlike a banner or poster that someone might stop to read, fleet vehicles are typically on the move. Don’t overwhelm potential customers with too many words or graphics. Keep it simple!

Maintain consistency

Once you’ve designed your business wrap, it’s important to maintain consistency across all of your marketing materials. Make sure that the colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic of your wrap are in line with the rest of your branding.

Another important step in maintaining consistency across all your fleet vehicles, whether you have one type of vehicle or a variety (cars, trucks, vans, etc.), is to work with one central vehicle wrap company. For example, National Car Wrap has a national team of designers and a centralized printer. Our print shop works with our network of installers around the country to ensure that quality is consistent whether your fleet is located in one city or in cities across the country. 

Takeaways on designing business wraps

Designing a business wrap can be a great way to market your company and get your message across. Keep these tips in mind when designing yours to create a truly standout design! And when you’re ready to get started, contact National Car Wraps for a free quote!

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