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San Antonio Car Wraps

San Antonio is known for many things: the Alamo, world-class museums, and even the championship dynasty of the NBA’s Spurs. But did you know it’s also been known for traffic?

According to Global Traffic Scorecard, San Antonio drivers lose an estimated 23 hours to traffic and up to 70 hours during rush hour each year. And this loss costs about $363 per driver annually.

So while that’s bad news if you’re trying to get anywhere in a hurry, that’s GREAT news for anyone investing in fleet wrap marketing!

In fact, all that traffic congestion makes San Antonio a prime market for wrapped vehicles. Whenever your fleet vehicles are making their rounds they’ll be pulling double duty as successful mobile billboards!

Meanwhile, if you’re NOT adding vehicle wraps to your fleet, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to create brand recognition and market your business to potential customers throughout the San Antonio metro area.

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Why Vehicle Wrap Marketing in San Antonio?

Marketing options can be overwhelming. Should you invest heavily in online ads? Stick with the tried and true traditional methods like billboards and flyers? What about the expensive options like TV and radio commercials? It’s enough to make your head spin!

The beauty of vehicle wraps is that they offer a cost-effective way to reach a large, targeted audience. Vehicle wraps can be seen by literally millions of people every day, which means your brand will have a much better chance of being seen and recognized.

If you’re looking for marketing that stands out, creates a lasting impression, generates new business leads, and is a great return on your investment you need to invest in car wraps for your San Antonio-area fleet vehicles. National Car Wraps can help!

Get Creative

In today’s aggressive marketing arena, displaying your message with eye-catching vehicle wraps is a great way to win attention. You can control the messaging and imagery on your wrap to best appeal to potential customers.

This is a smart way to catch the eye of even the most inattentive target! With a great fleet wrap, they will immediately see and understand what your car is advertising. The customization is up to you.

Broad Reach within a Reasonable Budget

The beauty of vehicle wraps is that they offer a cost-effective way to reach a large, targeted audience. Vehicle wraps can be seen by literally millions of people every day, which means your brand will have a much better chance of being seen and recognized.

And you can essentially “set it and forget it.” Once your cars are wrapped, they’ll do all the work without you needing to think twice.

Remember – when it comes to marketing, reach is everything. You could have the most clever and well-designed ad in the world, but if no one sees it, it’s not going to do you any good.
This is where vehicle wraps shine.

Vehicle wraps offer a great way to reach a large, targeted audience quickly and effectively. And because vehicle wraps have such broad exposure, you’re sure to get your brand noticed.

San Antonio is the second-most populous city in Texas and a great market to utilize billboards and other out-of-home media formats in your advertising campaign. But instead of investing in a couple of billboards, maximize your reach with MOVING billboards – AKA wrapped fleet vehicles!

Expand Your Audience

Make your company vehicles work for you and turn them into traveling billboards for your company. That’s some smart -and powerful- advertising. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that around 62% of a consumer’s time is spent on the road. So get your brand on the road and meet your customers where they are!

And while your vehicles are parked outside homes and businesses, they’re acting like mini Google reviews. Think about it. If you go to check your mail and you see a neighbor has “Mr. Plumber” parked outside their home, you automatically consider that an endorsement -or review- from your neighbor. So next time you have a plumbing need, who are you going to call? Why, Mr. Plumber, of course!

Whether on the road or parked at jobs around San Antonio, research shows that in metropolitan areas, a wrapped vehicle has the potential to generate upwards of 50,000 impressions each DAY!

With that kind of marketing exposure, you can be confident that your vehicle wraps target local consumers every day, thousands of times a day, in exactly the area where you operate your business.

See a Higher Return for Your Investment Dollar

Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. recently released a study that found that turning vehicles into mobile billboards with fleet wrapping resulted in a 107% increase in sales as compared to a 54% increase for static billboards. That’s nearly double the efficacy!

While traffic delays cost an estimated $363 per local driver every year in San Antonio, you can turn that deficit into a net positive when you use your fleet of vehicles to promote your business.

And with vehicle wraps, you’ll only incur that marketing cost ONCE. Remember, most repetitive advertising also comes with repetitive costs – for example, pay-per-click online advertising, or paying to print and mail flyers. But you’re savvier than that!

Purchasing a vehicle wrap today means returns on your investment for years to come! And THAT is smart and efficient marketing.

Introduce a New, Improved Corporate Identity

If you are updating your brand or trying to grow your business, there’s no better way than vehicle wrapping from National Car Wrap. We can help you create a uniform and professional look for your fleet.

Everyone will get an eyeful of your new brand, and you’ll create excitement about a company that’s growing so fast it has its own fleet of custom-designed vehicles in the San Antonio area.

San Antonio: Food Truck Heaven

While being known for traffic isn’t super appealing, the Alamo City has something much more delicious to brag about. It is a hot spot for food trucks!

Food trucks have always had a strong presence in San Antonio, a city that has historically depended on local taco sellers operating on carts. But as the COVID-19 pandemic forced brick-and-mortar restaurants to close down, the necessity for safe, quick food options led to the development of a much more eclectic mobile food scene.

So if you are a food truck owner in San Antonio, you know that branding your trucks properly is a huge part of your marketing and advertising! At National Car Wraps, we wrap all kinds of vehicles to provide you with high-quality your business can rely on.

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Keeping Your Car Wrap Looking Great in San Antonio

San Antonio in the summer can do a number on your car wrap’s quality and longevity. In this humid, subtropical climate, proper care can make a big difference in maintaining your vehicle wrap.

Don’t let the heat and humidity damage your vinyl this summer. Check out these tips to help you care for your car wrap – even in the southern heat.

Protect Your Wrap

You may have found ways to survive the hot, muggy summers. But what about your car wraps? Take steps to protect your vinyl wrap – instead of making the mistake of pushing its durability to the limit.

We recommend investing in a high-quality vinyl coating that provides UV protection for your vehicle design. A heat-resistant coating helps protect your car without changing the look or quality of your wrap’s design.

Hand Wash Your Wrapped Vehicle

Heat and humidity can make your wrap more prone to stretching and tearing, so avoid automatic car washes and instead opt to hand wash your vehicle. Brushes will pull at your wrap and hot water can cause warping. Thus we recommend against washing your vehicle during peak heat hours, too.

Instead, it is a smart move to regularly hand wash your vehicle in the cooler mornings or evenings. This can prevent the buildup of pollutants -which are heavier in the air during the summer- from sticking to your wrap and causing trouble. Simply wash your vehicle every two or three weeks or once you start to see dust or grime building up.

Give Your Car a Quick Rinse

Even if your car isn’t looking grimy, it’s a good idea to rinse it down with cool water on some hotter summer days. A car wrap left in the sun can begin to warp and wrinkle over time. So, in between washes, take a moment or two to hose down your wrap for a little extra cool-down protection during the hottest part of the day.

Rotate Your Parking Plans

We always recommend that you park your wrapped car out of direct sunlight, and preferably in a covered parking garage. However, for many car owners and businesses, that’s just not realistic.

So if you must park your wrapped vehicle out in the sun, make an effort to rotate your vehicle each time you park. This way, if some fading or warping does occur, it’ll be evenly dispersed.

Start with a Quality Vehicle Wrap

The best way to protect your vinyl car wrap in San Antonio is to start with quality. And there are two popular material options when it comes to vinyl wraps: cast vinyl and calendered vinyl.

Cast vinyl is a much more flexible material that won’t crack as easily in the heat as calendered might. Opt for the best material selection for your location – in San Antonio, that means cast vinyl.

San Antonio Vehicle Wrap and Fleet Wrap FAQs

Got questions? We have answers! Whether you’re a business owner with a fleet or an individual looking to dial up your vehicle’s design, our National Car Wraps team is always happy to answer any questions about car wraps.

We’ve collected some of the most common questions about car wraps and fleet wraps in the Mission City to help you get started:

What is the difference between a partial and full wrap?

A full wrap typically covers the entire surface of the vehicle, including windows but not the roof. Roof wraps are largely unnecessary and are typically only installed on small passenger vehicles or on vehicles that are likely to be viewed from high-rise buildings.

Anything less than a full coverage wrap is called a “partial wrap”. A half wrap typically includes the full rear of the vehicle and halfway towards the front of the vehicle. The coverage is approximately 50% of the painted surface of the car.

Meanwhile, a three-quarters partial wrap will usually include the rear of the vehicle and about 4-5 feet along the side of the vehicle’s painted surface.

There are all sorts of options from full wraps down to spot graphics. Our team can help you determine what’s best for your needs and budget!

What if I don’t have a business or fleet – I just want a car wrap because they’re cool?

That’s a completely valid reason to get your car wrapped! Whether you’re promoting a business or just trying to change up the look of your vehicle, car wraps will do the trick.

Car wraps are an incredibly affordable way to customize and completely change the look of your car. Plus since they’re temporary, you can even wrap a leased car! Since you’re not changing anything permanently, a car wrap won’t impact future resale value.

In fact, it could BOOST your resale value later, since car wraps protect your original paint job from minor scuffs and dents.

If my vinyl car wrap is damaged can it be fixed?

It happens – vinyl wraps can get damaged. Whether by collision, vandalism, or other accidents, sometimes wraps must be repaired.

Luckily, we can always replace damaged vinyl panels – after your vehicle is repaired by the auto body and paint shop, as needed. You typically won’t have to replace the entire vehicle wrap, especially if the damage is limited to certain areas of the vehicle.

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National Car Wraps: A Brand You Can Trust

No matter the industry, consumers want the reassurance that they’re getting the very best. In quality, service, and value. As a business owner, you want your company vehicles to send a clear message that when the customer chooses you, they’re choosing the very best. National Car Wraps knows how to send that message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Fleet of Vehicles?

Generally, a typical wrap on a small truck can start at $1,500. If you’re looking for a full wrap on a larger truck with multiple customizations, it could run you up to $5,000. The only way to know for sure is to get an estimate! You can click our Get A Quote button to get started. 

A major determining factor in how expensive your fleet vehicle wraps will be is the complexity of the application. Increased labor or complexity adds to the cost of having your wrap installed. 

Similarly, a four-door crew cab will likely require more material than a two-door cab, so the price will probably also be higher. However, you can cut costs if you opt for a partial wrap on a larger vehicle.


How Do I Coordinate Fleet Wraps Across Multiple States?

Fleet managers are often tasked with the labor-intensive job of coordinating consistent fleet vehicles across the country. National Car Wraps make this process simple. 

First, you’ll connect with our experienced design team to develop the best vehicle wraps and graphics for your needs and budget. Our experienced designers understand the best ways to maximize vehicle ad space to create clear messaging. 

Next, we will print the design on high-quality vinyl. Some fleet managers have their own in-house wrap team who will take over from there, or we can ship the wraps to our network of installers in the markets where your vehicles are. All you need to do is get your vehicles to the local drop-off, then wait for installation!


Can You Help Design Business Fleet Graphics?

Yes, we absolutely can. Designing graphics for a 3-D object like a vehicle differs from designing for a traditional billboard, flyer, or web graphic. 

Our design team can help you start from scratch or modify existing designs and logos to fit best on the vehicles in your fleet. We’ll help you maximize impact and budget to get your desired results.

How Do You Design Fleet Wrap Branding For Various Sized Fleet Vehicles?

Some fleets have a variety of vehicles. For example, you may have sedans, vans, and even trailers that all require consistent wrapping and branding. 

Our design team has all the experience necessary to adapt designs to fit your needs. Consistency and quality are the keys to fleet branding success, and we know how to get that done.

What’s the Difference Between Full and Partial Wraps?

Despite their appearance, most vehicle wraps are not manufactured as a single piece. Instead, they come in several pieces, each designed for different panels and parts of the vehicle body. 

A full wrap covers the entire paint job on every portion of the truck, whereas a partial wrap only covers a portion of the vehicle, usually the rear and/or the tailgate.

As you might expect, a full wrap requires more material than a partial and additional labor. Therefore you can assume a higher price point when considering a full wrap.

Some businesses also opt for smaller graphics, also known as decals, to get their messaging across in a more cost-effective manner. We are equipped to help with whatever your needs are! Contact National Car Wraps for a quote today

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