How To Plan Your Commercial Fleet Wrap Graphics For 2024


November 8, 2023

Fleet Wraps 2024
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When it comes to updating commercial fleet graphics for the new year, planning is crucial. The process involves inventory management, design considerations, and minimizing vehicle downtime. Each one of these factors, if approached poorly, can severely impact your business. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to efficiently plan your fleet graphics for 2024

  1. Inventory Management For Your Fleet Wrap

Effective inventory tracking is the cornerstone of a successful fleet wrap project. Inefficiencies often arise from outdated vehicle data, which can lead to schedule mishaps and increased downtime. After all, these are the vehicles you use to do your business. If you don’t have access to them, you’ll probably run into some issues.

  • Regularly update vehicle data in spreadsheets or databases.
  • Ensure the person responsible for inventory provides the latest information.
  • Use online tools like Google Sheets or Smartsheets to maintain real-time data. 
  • Organize vehicles by location to streamline the wrapping process.
  1. Design Consistency Across the Fleet

A coherent design across different vehicles reinforces brand identity. However, variations in vehicle sizes and shapes can present a design challenge. 

  • Work with your graphics team to create adaptable designs. 
  • Utilize design templates provided by National Car Wraps to ensure consistency. 
  • Plan with mockups to significantly reduce downtime later on. 
  • Weigh the benefits of full wrap designs vs partial wraps, such as decals. Full wraps go a lot further in branding your company’s products or services, but take longer to install and involve more downtime. Partial wraps won’t give you as much impact, but can take as little as one hour to install and get your vehicles back on the road much faster.
  1. Plan For Fleet WrapDowntime

Let’s face it: downtime is a dirty word in the fleet wrapping buiness. Nobody wants 20 vehicles out of commission. But the reality is that, even if you don’t want it, downtime will happen. And downtime is the most significant hurdle in fleet graphic updates. But proper planning can minimize the time vehicles are out of service, ensuring your business doesn’t suffer. 

  • Prepare as many vehicles as possible for a single day of wrapping to limit downtime. This means vehicles are washed and dried prior to installation. Take off all stickers / adherents on the outside surface of the vehicle so we have a clean surface to work with. 
  • Utilize the turnkey installation solutions from National Car Wraps:
    • Partner with local installers for proximity advantages
    • Fly one of our team members out for installations to maintain quality and efficiency. 

How Long Does a Fleet Wrap Take? 

The wrapping time of your fleet or vehicle depends on a variety of factors. Obviously, the scope of your fleet project can affect the timeline. The larger the fleet, the faster we can do it. We are happy to dedicate resources on our end to get your fleet done fast.

  • Bigger fleets allow for prioritization and faster service. 
  • Smaller projects will not delay larger projects, ensuring timely completion.

Further, it depends on the typeof wrap you go with – whether it’s a full or partial wrap. 

  • A full wrap on a van can be completed in one day.
  • Partial wraps are quicker – up to six partial wraps can be done in a day, depending on how large the partial wrap actually is. A partial wrap can mean the rear half of the vehicle, or it can mean just a decal of your logo, website and contact info.

Contact National Car Wraps to Plan Your 2024 Fleet Wraps

Planning your fleet graphics update involves meticulous inventory tracking, adaptable design work, and an understanding of your project to minimize downtime. 

At National Car Wraps, we offer solutions tailored to our customers to streamline the process. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your fleet’s visual branding is updated efficiently and effectively – with minimal impact on your daily operations. 

By planning ahead for 2024, you can benefit from choosing your scheduled installation dates ahead of time.  Get a quote today!

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