How To Minimize Downtime For Commercial Fleet Wraps


November 17, 2023

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Wrapping your commercial fleet is a large undertaking – but one that’s worth it. Suddenly, your commercial vehicles are real world advertisements for your brand.

However, the installation of these graphics can be challenging, as it requires taking vehicles out of active service. Each moment a vehicle remains idle, potential earnings are lost. Advertising can help generate business, yes, but you don’t want implementing it to cost you business, either.

An efficient wrapping process is vital to minimizing the time vehicles spend off the road. Here’s how you can minimize downtime for commercial fleet graphics

1. Batch Processing for Installation

Begin by setting a clear timeline with your graphics provider. Discuss your fleet’s schedule and identify the least disruptive time for wrapping. Then, conduct a thorough inventory check. Knowing the exact specifications of each vehicle ensures a precise material preparation and quicker application. 

Preparing several vehicles for installation on the same day can significantly reduce overall downtime. This approach ensures that while some vehicles are being wrapped, others remain operational, thereby avoiding any break in potential service.

2. Partner with Local Installers or Specialized Services

Collaboration with local installers or specialized installation services can optimize the wrapping process. These types of partnerships can offer the following:

  • Reduce transportation time and logistical complications
  • Access to skilled technicians who can ensure quality and efficiency
  • Potential for quicker turnaround times due to specialized expertise in fleet graphics installation. 

National Car Wraps utilizes a huge network of both local installers, and teams that fly out to our client’s location, in order to get the job down as fast as possible with minimum downtime.

3. Understand the Impact of Wrap Type On Installation Time: 

The choice between full wraps and partial wraps is another important variable to consider when measuring the timeline. 

  • Full wraps offer extensive coverage and a greater visual impact but typically require a full day per vehicle for installation. 
  • Partial wraps are less time-consuming. Depending on the size and complexity, up to six partial wraps can be completed in a day. Partial wraps will be something like your logo, website and phone as decals placed onto the vehicle.

Minimize Downtime for Commercial Fleet Graphics 

Reducing downtime during fleet graphics installation requires a strategic approach focused on efficient processes and effective planning. By taking time to approach this strategically and thoughtfully, businesses can ensure a swift and successful update to their fleet’s appearance. Contact National Car Wraps to start your fleet wrapping process. Get a quote today!

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