How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Tesla?


November 30, 2022

Cost To Wrap A Tesla
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The cost of wrapping a Tesla car can vary quite significantly depending on the size and model of the car, as well as the type of wrap you choose. Generally speaking, wraps for larger cars such as Model S and X will typically cost a little more than smaller cars like Model 3 or Y.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of wrapping a Tesla.

What Is The Price To Wrap A Tesla?

It costs between $750 to $3,500 to wrap a Tesla. The cost is based on the amount of coverage you’ll need on your Tesla, just wrapping another type of car. Partial wraps cost just a few hundred dollars, while full wraps generally start at $2,000 for a Tesla.

In any vehicle, the cost is calculated based on 3 factors:

  • Amount of coverage
  • Difficulty of installation (curves, contours in the vehicle)
  • Location

Let’s break down these factors.

Amount Of Tesla Wrap Coverage

The amount of coverage you need when wrapping a Tesla depends on how much of the car you want to cover. If you just want a single panel wrapped or something more extensive like a full car wrap, the price will vary accordingly.

Difficulty Of Installation

Wrapping a car can be quite labor intensive, as there are many bumps, curves, and contours that need to be taken into consideration. The more difficult the installation process is, the higher price you can expect for a wrap job.

In the case of most Tesla models, the minimal curve of the Tesla means you won’t be seeing any dramatic increase of labor or cost.


The location of your Tesla wrap may also affect pricing. Some cities have higher costs of labor and materials than others, so keep this in mind when shopping around. For example, it will cost less to wrap a Tesla in Texas, and more to wrap a Tesla in California.

What Type Of Wrap Material Is Best For A Tesla?

The best type of wrap material for a Tesla is either 3M vinyl wrap, or Avery Dennison vinyl wrap. Both materials are incredibly high quality, and will make your Tesla look as good as new.

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