How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Semi Trailer?


January 15, 2024

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With the powerful gravity of on-road graphics and the excellent coverage on a tall, long trailer, a semi-trailer wrap is a perfect advertisement to promote your brand to thousands, every day.

Discover the costs of a semi-trailer wrap, how long it takes to get the job done, and the wrapping process with our quick guide.

What’s The Cost To Wrap A Semi-Trailer?

The cost for a semi trailer wrap will range from $12 – $16 per sq foot, depending on the size of the wrap.

Different factors come into play when determining the price of wrapping a semi-trailer.

  • Vehicle Size: Your trailer’s size and dimensions and the total square footage of the wrapped area will significantly influence your vinyl wrap cost. 
  • Full or Partial Wrap: Whether you want a half-wrap, a full wrap, or decals will affect the price. You can mix decals with a partial wrap instead of fully wrapping the vehicle for a more affordable cost.
  • Type of Vinyl Wrap: The type and quality of wrap material matter. While more expensive, it’s best to choose a higher-quality vinyl, such as 3M cast vinyl, for years of robust protection against UV damage, scratches, and daily wear and tear.
  • Design, Color, and Finish: Solid colors are typically more affordable, whereas more complex designs can drive the cost higher. 
  • Location: As labor costs vary depending on location, wrapping costs will likely differ from one city to another.

What Is A Semi-Trailer Wrap?

A semi-trailer wrap is a fully customizable vinyl wrap covering the exterior of your vehicle. A full wrap covers the rear and sides of the trailer for a seamless, cohesive finish, whereas a partial wrap covers a portion of the vehicle for an eye-catching yet easy-to-change look. 

Vehicle wraps are versatile. They come in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s easy to customize a semi-trailer wrap to incorporate your brand messaging and desired visuals, from full wraps that cover your vehicle in your brand, or partial wrap decals that cost less and still make a large impact.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Semi-Trailer?

Wrapping a semi-trailer is a rigorous process that takes an experienced installer and the righ tools. Printing usually takes around one week, and installation time takes one to two days. 

Weather conditions can affect the installation time, as vinyl doesn’t adhere tightly in cold temperatures.

Additionally, the condition of your trailer will affect the total wrapping time. If your trailer has existing graphics, removing the graphics will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the vinyl’s condition.

After 10 to 15 years, vinyl wraps typically show signs of peeling off, fading, and cracking, particularly with excessive sun exposure. In these cases, the removal process can take two to three days. Also, old vinyl wraps can be tough to remove due to the type of adhesive car wrap companies used in the past.

Car wrap professionals typically charge for vinyl removal by the hour. We will perform a thorough site survey to determine how long the removal will take.

How Do You Prepare Artwork Files and Formats For Trailer Wraps?

Once you’ve decided on the wrap coverage and design for your trailer, we will perform careful planning and coordination to ensure an outstanding result that stands the test of time.

We require files in vector format for trailer wraps to ensure high-quality designs with no distortion or pixelation. Vector graphics, which typically have .Ai, .Eps, .Pdf, and .Psd file extensions, are easy to reshape and resize without losing image quality.

But if you don’t have these, we can also use non-vector files, depending on the vehicle. Don’t hesitate to send us what you have! Our highly experienced graphic designers will find a way to make it work, or help you vectorize your artwork for a high quality print.

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