How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Motorcycle in 2023? 


October 20, 2023

Motorcycle Wraps from National Car Wraps
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Be honest. Half of the fun of owning a motorcycle is showing it off. And that means you should have a stellar appearance. 

In recent years, motorcycle wraps have gained popularity not only for their style, but protective benefits. Here, we’ll break down why it’s worth considering wrapping a motorcycle in 2023.

The Cost of Wrapping a Motorcycle

The cost of wrapping a motorcycle depends on a variety of factors, including: 

  • Bike Size and Coverage: Obviously, the size of your motorcycle and coverage required – whether it’s a full wrap, partial wrap, or specific decals – will influence the cost.
  • Quality of Vinyl: Are you looking for premium options or something more affordable?
  • Location: Labor costs vary, and the cost to wrap your motorcycle will vary if it’s in New York or Ohio. You get it. 

Now let’s talk specifics. 

The size of the motorcycle is the most significant cost variable. Obviously, motorbikes are much smaller than cars or trucks, and that makes wrapping a motorcycle more affordable. Still, bikes like the Harley American Tourer – some of the biggest motorcycles on the market – will cost more to wrap than the Harley Sportster, a much more modest motorcycle. 

You can always opt for more targeted wraps, too, such as decals instead of wrapping the entire bike. However, if your budget allows it, we always recommend going as big as possible to have the largest impact on the road.

The quality of vinyl and location you choose to wrap your motorcycle will impact the cost, but not as much as the bike size and coverage.

What Materials Are Used to Wrap Motorcycles? 

Motorcycle wraps utilize similar materials to those used for wrapping cars and trucks. When you opt for higher quality vinyl, such as 3M, you’ll ensure an extended lifespan and resistance to wear and tear. But it’s worth noting that more affordable options exist (although they may not offer the same level of durability). 

The Advantages of Wrapping Your Motorcycle

Here are some reasons why you should wrap your motorbike. 

  • Protection: Wraps shield your bike from scratches, chipping, weather elements, and other general wear and tear. 
  • Customized Style: Personalize your motorcycle with design, colors, or patterns – all without painting it.
  • UV Resistance: UV protection is no joke, and a motorcycle wrap will prevent fading from sunlight exposure. 

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