How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Ford F-150 In 2023?


September 27, 2023

Ford F 150 Truck Wraps
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The Ford F series has been the number one selling truck in America for 46 years. That’s no surprise. The beloved pickup is about as classically American as football, the Grateful Dead, and good ol’ apple pie. 

Given its popularity, owners like to make their truck stand out. A way to give your Ford F-150 a fresh look is to consider wrapping it. Here, we dig into the costs, materials needed, and why it’s worth thinking about wrapping your Ford F-150.

The Cost to Wrap a Ford F-150

The price of wrapping a Ford F-150 can vary widely based on several factors. 

  • Size and Coverage: The extent of the wrap, whether it’s a full wrap, half-wrap, decals, or something else, will play a significant role. 
  • Type of Vinyl: Whether you go premium or midrange, the cost varies. 
  • Location: Like anything, labor costs vary per location – it’s gonna cost more in California than Alabama, and so on.

Let’s dive into the specifics:

The size of the vehicle is the biggest cost factor. For example, a Mercedes Sprinter, one of the largest types of vans out there, topping out at a whopping 600 square feet in total coverage area! This means we need to print 600 feet high quality 3M cast vinyl. 

For comparison – that’s like printing the sq footage worth of two average size office rooms. And, since everything needs to be printed and then laminated, you’ll end up with a gorgeous, high end graphic on a high end material.

One way to avoid bigger budget wrap projects is by opting for decals on the passenger and driver sides, instead of wrapping the entire vehicle. 

But if your budget allows for it, we always recommend going as large as possible for the biggest impact on the road.

The type of vinyl, and the location, will impact your bottom line, but not as much as the coverage will. 

What Materials Are Used to Wrap a Ford F-150? 

The materials used for wrapping a Ford F-150 are similar to those for any other vehicle. High quality vinyl, such as 3M, offers durability and a longer lifespan. More affordable options can still look good, but might not last as long. 

The Benefits of Wrapping a Ford F-150

Why should you consider wrapping your Ford F-150? Here are a few reasons.

  • Protection: Wrapping protects against wear and tear, chipping, scratches, and other weather conditions. 
  • UV Protection: The sun is powerful and causes fading. Wraps ensure that doesn’t happen. 
  • Personalization: Do you want your F-150 to look like every other truck out there? Add a bit of personality.
  • Branding: This is the most popular reason for wrapping trucks, as everyone’s business can benefit from a little more branding these days. Truck wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to get those eyeballs, at a one time cost.

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