Are Fleet Wraps Are Better Value Than Digital Ads? They Might Be.


May 8, 2024

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With the prevalence of smartphones and other web-connected devices, it can be tempting to focus your marketing budget entirely on digital advertising. But you cannot rule out real world branding. 

This is where fleet wraps come in. With fleet wraps, you can advertise your brand on your cars and trucks to catch the attention of nearby drivers and pedestrians – all potential customers that you can’t necessarily reach online. 

Here are three ways that fleet wraps can provide better value than digital ads. 

1. Fleet Wraps Are A Long-Term Investment

Fleet wraps are a one-time advertising strategy that keeps on giving. Each wrap lasts for five to seven years and provides ongoing advertising value. Every time a fleet vehicle is on the road, you’re boosting brand awareness at no ongoing cost. 

But you can’t achieve that same cost / return with digital ads.

 For example, PPC and display ads typically need to be refreshed every two to four weeks. Social media campaigns also require ongoing investment, especially if you’re working with influencers to create your campaigns. 

And don’t forget the time investment in digital campaigns – It takes trial and error to create digital ad campaigns that work.

This means that in the beginning, you could be spending money with no return. By the time you build an ad strategy that gains traction, trends could change, leaving your work feeling stale before it has the chance to make an impact.  

While the upfront cost of fleet wraps might be higher than digital advertisements, they often delivery stronger long-term returns. You’ll also know exactly how much you’re spending up front, so you can work it into your marketing budget with no unexpected surprises. 

And get this whopper of a stat line: fleet wraps are viewed up to 70,000 times per day!

2. Fleet Wraps Are Viewed 70,000 times A Day, But Digital Ads Impressions Often Go Down

When your fleet wraps are out on the road, they’ll get a huge number of views from drivers and pedestrians in the area. No matter where you drive or what your wrap looks like, you’re guaranteed to get consumers to look at your brand.

Digital advertising, on the other hand, is a fickle beast. Impressions go up, and down, every single day. The constant changes in trends and habits of users means you’re not going to get the same ROI every time, every quarter. 

3. Fleet Wraps Have Little Employee Overhead

Launching a digital marketing campaign is a complex, time-consuming endeavor that requires constant management. To launch a digital marketing campaign, you’ll need to hire strategists, graphic designers, copywriters, and other creative professionals to bring your vision to life. All of this work comes with costly overhead. 

Fleet wraps don’t come with the same expensive labor costs. Once you’ve established the design and paid for professional printing and installation, you’re done — there’s no ongoing salaries to pay. 

If you’re a service-based business with a fleet of vehicles, fleet wraps should be your number one advertising strategy. Contact National Car Wraps today to get a quote for your fleet!

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